About Us

About Us

I’m Louise. I relocated to Townsville a few years ago after spending most of my thirties chasing dreams and exploring opportunities all over the world with a young family in-tow.

I founded Sublime Experiences after a year hosting guests in my own property generating income to pay for my MBA, meanwhile learning the art of hosting from The Hosting Masterclass. ​

Prior to founding Sublime Experiences, I worked for a number of international not-for-profits in London, Manilla, Sydney, Singapore and Canberra. I am passionate about the opportunity to unlock the power of the sharing economy to others, collaborating with local businesses, and providing employment through curating memorable experiences for guests to Townsville. ​

Sublime Experiences combines my desire for authentic local travel experiences and my social values. I love this city, the community, and the diversity this regional city offers. There is something for everyone. The natural wonders in this place are spectacular. You’ll often find me checking out the unique, little known new experience on offer, or sailing with my crew over to Magnetic Island, or on Ross River.

Our Sublime Team includes: Chrissy, our stylist; a team of housekeepers; and, reliable maintenance professionals who care for our gardens, pools and homes. ​

I look forward to sharing the ‘beauty of being a local’ with you.​

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